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TØXIC Membership Application

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Toon Info

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Gender:  Male
Player Type: 
Are you in school?
Nights you are able to raid 4+ hours starting at 6PM server time:
We currently raid Sun/Wed/Fri and occasionally other nights
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Current Realm:  
Endgame Experience: Vanilla
 Gruul's Lair/Mag
 The Eye
 Mt Hyjal
 Black Temple
 10 Man Naxx
 25 Man Naxx
 10 Man Obsidian Sanctum
 25 Man Obsidian Sanctum
 10 Man Eye of Eternity
 25 Man Eye of Eternity
 10 Man Ulduar
 25 Man Ulduar
 10 Man ToC
 25 Man ToC
 10 Man Icecrown Citadel
 25 Man Icecrown Citadel
Guild Forums: I am willing to read the guild forums daily.
Commshit: Ventrilo Installed
 TeamSpeak Installed
 Both Vent and TS Installed
 WTF are Vent and TeamSpeak!

Additional Information

Why did you roll your class?
In your own words please explain why you decided to roll...X.
Reasons behind your talent build and point allocation?
WTF is your spec going to do for T Ø X I C
What makes you better at your class than others of the same class?
What did Blizzard forget from the standard package?
What UI mods do you use and how do they help you?
What is your role in a raid environment?
Ponder upon the role of yourself in a raid environment...
How well do you take criticism?
Do you get pissed off when someone tells you what to do?
What makes you think you're better than the other toon that just applied?
Who is backing you up in T Ø X I C if you flunk your app?
Have you played any other MMORPGs? And which ones?
How many lvl 85 toons do you have on this server?
Guild history?
Write a short FORMAL LETTER of request to join our guild.
Kind of like a resumé cover letter...and YES we're fucking serious!
 Check here if you spell and grammar checked your shit?
 Check here if you double checked to see if you completed all questions and each with great detail?
Raid times
 Sun 6:30PM - 10:00PM   
 Wed 6:30PM - 10:00PM   
 Fri 6:30PM - 10:00PM