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<T Ø X I C> is always looking for dedicated, friendly, mature players to strengthen our guild. Our goals are to enjoy the best the World of Warcraft has to offer from the highest level instances to the highest honors in PvP. Our doors are open to those who share the same interests, who will put in the time and effort to become an asset to the guild. We believe in supporting not only our members to the fullest extent, but the horde as a whole.

1. - Guild Communication:

1.1) Text

i.) Guild Channel

1.2) Voice
i.) Ventrilo ( server: ************ information available upon request

1.3) Website
i. Forums - The TØXIC website is our primary line of communication, all members must be a forums member, and try to visit the forums daily for guild communication.
ii. All guild events, news, and information will be posted on the website or on the forums.

Rules of Use:

- Be respectful and mature.
- All common sense rules apply.
- Spamming, flaming, racism will not be tolerated.

2. - Instance Raids:
2.1) Your responsibilities:
i. - Post availability in WoW Calendar, be on time, and 'prepared'.
ii. - Leaving before objectives are completed without valid reason won't be tolerated and will have consequences.
iii. - Finding suitable replacement(s) in the event of a player departure is required, and the responsibility is in this order; 100% Player 50% Raid leaders 50% Raid Group.
iv. - Each and every player becomes responsible for any given raid and everyone in the raid once signed up or invited in game, and as such are to be 'prepared'.

2.1.1) Prepared is defined as:
i. Ingame: Equipment repaired, materials for tradeskills are stocked up, quest precursors completed.
ii. Out of Game: appropriate required UIMods are up and configured, voice comms installed, recommended strategy guides have been read.

3. - Drop Distribution:
Master Loot will be used in all raids.

All epic items will be determined via an EP/GP System.

4 - Guild Bank:
All items donated to the guild bank are to support all the other guild members, therefore all members ranked 'Tøxin' or higher may request items for need purposes only.

No greed ( including but not limited to; reselling item(s), or components of recipes/tradeskills for personal gain) requests shall be entertained.

Abuse of the guild bank will result in guild removal.

No member shall win an epic BoE in a guild instance raid and resell it for profit. All Epic items earned in guild instance raids belong to the guild as it takes the combined effort of more then one player to earn, and therefore shall be used or given to the guild bank. Any player selling epic BoE items will be removed from the guild.

All guild members are expected to use discretion when it comes to epic item drops, players with epic items in slots already are asked to allow those players whom the item would benefit more to roll first until such time as all eligible players are properly outfitted. This extends to both EP/GP and Non-EP/GP encounters.

5 - Guild Ranks

------- Restricted Privileges -------
Initiate: Player subject to punishment and new recruits.
Inactive: Members that are no longer active.
Alt: An Alt of a Guild Member

------ Full Privileges ------
Tøxin: Full Guild Member
Raider: Established Raider

------ Officer Privileges ------
Boss Alt: Officer Alt
Advisor: Leader (invite members)
Officer: Other Bosses (invite, promote, demote, remove)
Asshole: The Boss (Godmode: Don't piss him off!)

6 - Player Conduct
i. While a member of TØXIC; We ask for maturity, class, commitment, and integrity. You represent the guild as a whole while in the guild. Greed or selfishness will NOT be tolerated. Please don't flaunt or waste our time with talk about drops, items or anything that doesn't benefit the guild. We won't tolerate that and we don't want to hear it.

ii. You are welcome to play or be how you want to be, we won't tell you how to play. We believe 'actions speak louder then words', and both of which will be reflected by your position in the guild, or lack thereof.

iii. Greed will NOT be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. Players who demonstrate they place their own needs before the needs of their guild mates will no longer be needed by the guild and are subject to guild removal.

iv. Harassment of anyone or anything in ANY form will ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EVER be tolerated in public, private, ingame or out of game and will result in guild removal.

v. Rude /emotes should only be used against the Alliance. Usage against the Horde may result in removal from the guild.

vi. All guild members are to post absence notices in our absence forum when an extended absence occurs.

vii. All members inactive for 30 days or longer will be removed without notice. (All members in good standing are welcome to /tell for a reinvite when active again)

viii. Guild members are to be active and commited. Those who become inactive and DO NOT keep the rest of the guild informed via absence will be removed to make way for players who are active. Our recruiting is loosely based off how many players of each class are currently in the guild, inactive players of a given class stand to provide a false sense of balance.

ix. One alternate toon below 80 will be allowed into TØXIC.

x. Ask NOT what TØXIC can do for you. Ask what you can do for TØXIC.

Lets be honest. If we need to explain any of these common sense things to you more than once we honestly won't want to play with you. It is a privilege to be in TØXIC that shouldn't be taken or given lightly. Anyone who abuses the privilege will lose it. Simple as that. We've got a great core, and will keep it that way.

Seems like a lot of shit right? Can you handle it? We're very relaxed in game, which you'll find out quite quickly, those who made it this far without being scared away, feel free to move onto the application form.

Raid times
 Sun 6:30PM - 10:00PM   
 Wed 6:30PM - 10:00PM   
 Fri 6:30PM - 10:00PM