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Trouble signing up for a raid?

If you meet the level requirements, make sure you have all the prerequisites covered....such as attunement/keys/etc... Keep updating your toons with the latest info (level, professions/skills, attunement/keys).

Getting signed up as an alt automagically?

If you end up in the alt're not 60 so for ZG/MC you will be an alt, otherwise you didn't sign up early enough. RaidQ selects toons based on class need first to optimize the raid for the zone...therefore checking RaidQ regularly is important to ensure your toon a spot! Being an alt does NOT mean you will not be part of the raid is determined in-game. We will add any DKP raids (MC/ZG/Onyxia) on Sunday afternoons, so make sure you check RaidQ before heading to bed on Sunday night.

Can't create raids?

RaidQ keeps track of your status(=rank) in <T Ø X I C> and will allow you to do things according to your rank. If you're not a guild member, you will be limited to joining raids...if you are ranked Tøxin or higher, you will be able to create raids according to your toons' levels.

Other questions?

If you have other questions about RaidQ, email Cyannide and your problem/question will be answered here.

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